The most beautiful tattoos with the written sentences and favorite celebrities!

I really love a lot of the celebrity’s tattoos: Today we want to show the written and phrases chosen by the most beloved and famous people to decorate their body. The tattoos are part of a lifestyle, loved by young boys in this way they want to express their ideas, but also by the older ones who see them as a way to communicate their thoughts and personality. Continue reading

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Stroili Gold Skin Jewel-tattoos Launches For 2011

There were only these in fact: a Golden Tattoo is the Jewels of Gold Skin Stroili have found the last of the famous brand that deals in gold jewelry and precious stones. The tattoos are nice but they are not suitable for everyone and not everyone can do it in all parts of the body, the tattoo itself as a concept of something that is forever I’m sorry and I do not exclude the possibility of making a one day, but the speech is quite different for Temporary Tattoos and, moreover, jewelry, apply on the body for special occasions, are a good idea in theory but in practice the risk of doing further damage is multiplied dangerously. Continue reading

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Federica Pellegrini erase the tattoo dedicated to Luca Marin

Federica Pellegrini and Luca Marin and you are left in the controversy, interviews retaliations and now she’s with another colleague, a champion and super muscular obviously, it is Filippo Magnini. This love triangle has held forth on Gossip magazines for Most of the summer, and among statements, interviews and answers, certainly not over Despi is Already Being Several weeks past. In another blow for Them CAME Luca Marin, Federica Pellegrini has decided to cancel the tattoo on foot, the One that says Balu, Which is dedicated to His first major love. Continue reading

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How to choose the sentences for the most fashionable tattoos?

Choose sentence right for a tattoo is very important because it will be written on your skin for a long time. Today we offer the most beautiful phrases and the most original, if you’re considering a tattoo. Remember to always think twice before you write on your skin a phrase which will be very difficult to erase. Let’s see some ideas for a tattoo that fully expresses your personality and your outlook on life. Continue reading

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Vietnamese young people spend thousands of dollars for foreign tattoos

Tattoo story shows no class is too new for the young. There have been times, tattoos as a way to represent “blood side” and 3D movement arose to tattoos shows the range of “playboy”. Still swinging his hobby with the flesh, many young people now claim “class” and the “blood side” in the tattoo of his “outsider”.

These tattoos are all received and interest to take abroad. Unveil the artwork on his arm Nhat Minh (Hang – Hanoi) said: “Now looking back I find the genre that has tattoos from 2D to 3D from domestic to foreign. But also true is recognized by foreign tattoo that find themselves superior to. ”

Just a very gently stretch he has to reveal pretty cool tattoos. These are works that combine Minh travel in Thailand in recent vacation with his family. Continue reading

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Bump painting

The summer is over and glad to see light clothing and the skin to tan or show it off already tanned. Yes, but how does a pregnant woman though? No problem, you can go to the beach and tanning in pregnancy, as well as clothing to dress well without a lot ingoffano that’s all. If a woman wants and feels, may even highlight your beautiful belly.

Certainly it is not easy for a woman to see your body changing so much. Sometimes there is also some excess weight that makes you feel more cumbersome and less beautiful. But surely those who see from outside a mom happy, though round and “bulky”, can not but feel tenderness and pleasure. So better try not to make problems and live the period of pregnancy with naturalness and spontaneity, because that is how it should be. Continue reading

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Justin Bieber makes tattoo with his father

Look at the little man turning our boy! Singer Justin Bieber, Which already had a tattoo done recently, looked back over the needles to make a drawing in your body.

This time the singer had his father, who did the same drawing. They tattooed the word Jesus in Hebrew below the left rib. Justin even gave a hand to his father in time to endure the pain.

But the news is not new: the two tattoos done in May, before Justin’s trip to Hawaii with Selena Gomez, but the photos were only released now.

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