Six months young tattooed baby

Tattoo baby

This may sound weird to you but it’s very common and acceptable among kids and also their parents. It seems as if it the art of tattoo has spreading like a virus that doesn’t need any prevention. Be it designer tattoo, celebrity tattoos or most lately Spiderman tattoos, the trend swathes the periphery of each section of society especially Generation X.

This is no less than a black magic as it has carved a space inside the children’s heart who takes their breath after seeing the tattoo designed on their bodies. Known as Tattoos 4 Toddlers, a renowned tattoo parlor makes use of needle-free process, assuring the long-life of the tattoo.

 Tattoo baby

The populated parlor is a living proof that it doesn’t need any popularity as besides children, parents also trust their quality.

“Welcome to the Tattoos 4 Toddlers website. We are the first tattoo studio for kids, with the trendiest body-art designed specifically for children ages 2 through 17! Parents nationwide are jumping on this growing trend and Tattoos 4 Toddlers is growing at an unbelievable rate. Needles and Diaper Pins is a piercing shop that specializes in providing body modifications to children. We are located on the corner of 10th Avenue and East Union Street in Seattle, just off Broadway. All piercing is by appointment only, but drop-in consultations are welcome! ”

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2 Responses to Six months young tattooed baby

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  2. Amanda says:

    IS this for real? This is child abuse at its worst!!! What happens when thses children are 15 and dont want these on their bodies any longer because their parents were idiots!

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