Lasers erase tattoos—Tattoo artists V/S Dermatologists

This first-hand experience about removing tattoos with laser narrated by a tattoo artist Steve Huntsberry makes sense. But what goes into our nerves and inside our cerebrum is the ironical name of the tattoo parlor i.e. Immortal Images.

For past 10 years, the artist located in his shop in Charlotte, N.C is seen busy removing tattoos with a laser therapy. The craze of getting tattooed is booming that people end up having tattoos for which they have a momentary liking. Then What? Nothing they have to rush towards Steve’s parlor to get it done.

In this stupid act, Steve’s own tattoo – a Grim Reaper was the first one to be removed by him. It was this painful experience only that made him offer tattoo removal services within his parlor.

Initially, dermatologists use to remove tattoos via dermabrasion tools that use to burn the skin. As a rescue, a tool called a q-switched laser came into the knowledge in 1986 that finely removed tattoos without leaving any marks but but but…….it was a long-process demanding costly seating.

Then Huntsberry offered the laser service costing a petty amount but invited contradiction from the people across the world. Dermatologists were of the view that this process is safe only in physician’s premises but tattoo artists have their own clarification:

“Tattoo pigments and lasers interact and can provide an environment where their tattooed customers feel comfortable.”


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