Inventor of tattoo machine

Inventor of tattoo machine

You are tattooing your skin with the help of tattoo machine do you know who was invented tattoo machine I think there are few persons in this world who knows that inventor of tattoo machine is Samuel O’Reilly he was invent it in 1891, I think we all are knows Thomas Edison is the inventor of electric bulb but no body knows that he had also tried to developed tattoo machine but because of some commercial problem it fails in this invention than Samuel O’Reilly recreate his tattoo machine and becomes the inventor of tattoo machine.

The tattoo machine works with the help of needles which are having the quality of hollowness by which it inject permanent ink in the skin, a tattoo machine has a quality of punch ring in our skin it may obtain three thousand punchers in a minute an electric motor pushes needles of tattoo machine, needle of tattoo machine place little amount of ink in your skin.


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