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If we say that every peoples of this world likes tattoo than it is very wrong because there is lots of peoples present in this world who hates tattoo in any way, why they don’t like tattoos, I had asked with some persons who hates tattoos and I come to the decision.


The peoples who don’t like tattoos they have seen tattoos on their different way, they feel that tattoos very bad in body and destroys the beauty of body, it is the only difference between the attitude of tattoo lovers and those who hates tattoos both sees tattoos on their own way.

It depends on you only that, how you see tattoos. Peoples who don’t like tattoos because they think that tattoos are for those persons who belongs to funky gangs or those who are not have any sense and respect to the elders.


Yes, it is fact that tattoos are the sign of funkiness and everyone knows it but is it right I don’t think so would you. I know that you are also agree with me but what we do. Not all fingures are same so it is also not possible that everybody will think same, so the fight between tattoo lovers and tattoo haters will have remaining.


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