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Best Designs of Angel Tattoo

Numerous people might opt to have an angel tattoo design whether they are particularly religious or not. They do not think so. But some people only like having an angel near to them so that they feel it is watching … Continue reading

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Lovely flowers Tattoo Designs

The flowers were for centuries deemed the appellation of nature. They are a symbol of the life cycle from birth to death to be rebirth in spring. Useless to tell the butterfly is some other agency that is intimately relative … Continue reading

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Angelina’s With Her New Tattoos

Every one knows that the dynamic celebrity Angelina jolie was a huge fan of tattoos there was a many tattoos that she drawn on her body some camera man cowered a new picks of Angelina at the street wearing a … Continue reading

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Tattoo Design Guide

When it comes to making a decision upon what image you will chose to put on until the end of your life, you are embarking on a long, internal search for meaning and significance. You will be in league with … Continue reading

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Angel Wings Tattoo

Have you been idea of acquiring a mythological tattoo design that shall make an impression on everybody who seems upon it? The best selection might be a pair of angel wings. In Christianity, Judaism and Islam, angels are caretakers of … Continue reading

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Astrological Signs Tattoos

Always deemed the astrological signs and acquiring astrological tattoos of you and your loved one inked on yourself. If you have examined these thoughts it might pay to check and see if you are both of the love compatibility signs. … Continue reading

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Eyeball Tattoos

The eyeball tattooing procedures were done by Howie (, with photos by Lane Jensen (of Tattoo and Piercing Magazine). The first process was done on Pauly Unstoppable using a traditional hand-poked technique. The eye distorted significantly but it was complicated … Continue reading

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Blue Dragon Tattoos

If you are into colorful tattoo designs, then you shall love this blue dragon tattoo design. This colored dragon tattoo is formed with oscillating colors like blue, green and orange. Although if you are looking for tribal style dragon tattoos … Continue reading

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Free Tattoo Designs and Pictures

Are you involved in acquiring a tattoo? If so tattoos designs is happy to supply you with thousands of free tattoo designs, pictures and tattoo ideas. At tattoos designs we write about all dissimilar kinds of tattoos and their meanings … Continue reading

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Health Officials, Police Warn Of Illegal Tattoo Artist

Public health officials in Chautauqua County are asking anybody who conventional a tattoo freshly from a Jamestown man to come forward and be tested for an array of diseases that include hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV. Kenneth Paul Fenti, … Continue reading

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