Latest Star Tattoos Design Meaning And Magic

The nautical star design is one of the oldest and most novels of all the star tattoo designs. It is interpreted as a dominant sign and has a long history.

Today the nautical star tattoos have been accepted by many groups. The Punk Rocker group adopted Star tattoos and was first influenced by Sailor Jerry, who was one of the novel and revered tattoo artists of the modern age.

Star tattoos are usually connected with male groups but the strong feeling of potency and unity are also very powerful among lesbians who have now that also adopted the star tattoo and modified the design to their identity.

The most normally old star tattoos are the 4 and 5 piercing designs, but also Moon Star Moon designs are also well-liked and can appear more feminine than the nautical star.

The increasing number of people who are having individual star tattoo designs is down to the fact that it us such a versatile shape that can be adapted and integrated into many thoughts.

Many people have small ones done in discrete areas like on the wrist which can be hidden by a watch or bracelet. They are also great for covering up an old tattoo that was perhaps done badly. Some other great thinking is to integrate it into an existing design to elaborate or add detail.

They use the Pentacle star design which has 5 points and is taken from the Greek word Pentagram’s which intends 5 lines. The lines recommend a link to the Satan at the points where the lines cross. Here are some thoughts on combining star tattoos with other designs.

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