Louis Vuitton fashion house of the tattoo designer Scott Campbell

The label, the label, the label can become an obsession. People suffering from convulsive shops (in an ironic sense obviously) well understood.But maybe sometimes the fashion houses were exaggerating a bit. We often speak of Louis Vuitton and we do so in order to highlight where there are good tattoo art the product quality and innovation of a house that has a history and a global success. But this time, maybe it was a bit tattoo design past the limit. Already a result because bag we are branded as there are brands have printed a bit him everywhere, from head to foot.

And what we have seen the parades in New York during the presentation of the 2011 men’s collections, replicated during Paris fashion shows. As you can see in the picture talking about tattoos true. Okay, not perennials, washable certainly in no time. This is not the problem. The issue is the concept behind the brand themselves with a symbol of a commercial product.

We have nothing absolutely anything against tattoos. Too often become fashion Are in any event a practice that has ancient origins with a phenomenology quite respectable.

The problem lies in wanting to ensure that your body is conveying a clear message, i.e. a mark. Brand loyalty is a good thing but maybe you should continue to demonstrate in the “old” way, buying products and not making ourselves objects.

Of course we give you account details if you are interested, where the tattoo proposed by LV shows strong gothic influences through collaboration with the artist Scott Campbell.

This way you can reproduce on skin Historic landmarks and distinctive company. Assuming that this initiative (for no more lonely as other fashion houses have thought about a similar idea ) may have a market, because for the moment remains limited to parades, we maintain our doubts and for once we say the tattoo LV we do not like anything that luxury.

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