Beauty: By the summer the spray tattoos

When it comes to beauty us women stands on end immediately the ears, especially those who like to always appear neat and organized in every detail. I have spoken to the female universe, but we know that for some years now, men have become very sensitive to this issue: for example, simply the enormous amount of creams, gel, body products And so on and so forth, present in the market and go only to them. Today we treat this issue from a different point of view, we will not in fact of no lotion or scrub miraculous, but a accessory which was presented recently at the 2011 Cosmoprof Bologna, Dedicated to beauty salon and the Wellness which took place in March with a huge number of visitors and exhibitors.

Among the products presented during the event, today I decided to propose to you all a factor, I am sure, will be one of must have the next Summer 2011No one can resist in front of this accessory so much cool and fashion. What are we talking about? Of fabulous and unique tattoos semi-permanent spray, designed by mark Taoist, who has already made a fool of you many, including men and that seems to be one of the fashion trends most popular and appreciated during the next season.

The application of this tattoo is, first of all, choosing between the different stencil that the brand offers us, then just lay it on skin dry and sprinkle over the color supplied with the kit, you will need to repeat this process three times to obtain the best final result. Do you want something even more special? Go to the official website of this brand, you should find something that will enchant you from the first moment.

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