Tattoos, how to protect them from the sun

Tattoo for centuries have an attribute that enhances the exterior and characterize an individual. Common in many cultures, both ancient and contemporary, they have accompanied man’s existence in its age-old process. Changing its meaning depending on context, could describe the tattoos identity of an individual or to express to all the movement of a person into adulthood. Today, print drawings and writings on his body has become a way as any to express their personality and improve its aspect.

To best preserve your tattoo and prevent a number of factors, such as sun summer salt water, go to undermine and alter the pigmentation, today I would give you some simple tips. Especially in the period of healing, sea exposure to sunlight can affect the color.

I pigments Of course, should last a lifetime. Of special attention, however, allow you to avoid any risk of alteration. The first sun must be taken with creams with high protection. This procedure is repeated at the beginning of every summer if you want to protect color and gloss design or written loving imprinted on his body.

Some experts compare the color of the tattoo or painting a car, why not, the colors of a painting. If you leave these items without any protection to direct sunlight, the colors fade, becoming opaque.

So remember: Use a sunscreen with a high degree of protection and your tattoos will last longer!

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