Temporary tattoos for your lips

Vaguely reminiscent of the style of Lady Gaga new temporary tattoos created specifically for your lips, as if by magic, appear striped, spotted or who knows how many weird ways! Yes, not enough normal tattoos real or temporary for the body, now, thanks to “Violent Lips, Which has created a series of tattoos from the press to say the least imaginative and eccentric, appear also tattoo for lips.

The temporary tattoos for the lips, which among other things, will give you a mouth more voluminous are available in many different patterns, so if you’re curious to try this new devilry of the world beauty, To have lips like those of the stars, you just need to choose one that fits your look!

I temporary tattoos have a duration ranging from four to eight hours, After which you can remove it by simply using a cotton imbued with an oil product.

On a positive note about these innovative Tattoo that is absolutely not contains animal products and is not tested on our four-legged friends. The price of tattoo (Three per pack) is € 14.95.


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