Watch out for tattoos; have doubled in 5 years the cases of allergies

Disturbing increase in cases of Allergies by tattoos over the past five years. Now that we are summer, and the portion of the skin which exposes the gaze of others is certainly very generous, it is tempting to show off some nice decorative design that our skin maybe an arm, or shoulders, lower back or the sensual. On the beach is always a nice shot from the tribal face peeping bikini briefs, no doubt about it. But just because we are in hot weather, This is the wrong time to go get a tattoo, heat and sunlight are enemies of the healing Therefore, if we decide just can not do without a little drawing on our skin, we should at least wait till the autumn.

In addition, today I want to point out the alarm researchers coming from the National Institute of Health (ISS) and Istituto San Gallicano Dermatological following a research pigments and substances used by tattoo artists. It as anticipated, over the past 5 years has doubled skin allergies by tattoos or Temporary that Permanent in Italy. Dermatitis, eczema scaly skin and are side effects very unpleasant, indicator of an allergic reaction of skin to some metals used to create colors.

“All producers marketing inks containing very high median concentrations of chrome and nickel – The researchers – and the cobalt is present in lower concentrations.” The first two metals are used to create blue and red, while we get through the cobalt green. As regards, however, temporary tattoos based henna (Many of which are offered directly to our beaches), to create problems: “And ‘the parafenilediamina, also used in dye hair dyes. This substance makes the ink darker and longer persistence on the skin. ”

Eye, therefore, these possible allergic reactions. If you decide to undergo a tattoo go to a professional, choose the winter, and do one test on the skin to be sure not to develop allergy against metals used by tattoo artists. For cure these allergies, in fact, sometimes ointments to cortisone not enough and you must clear the design with the laser.

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