A staple for your tattoos? So many ideas to copy on your skin

The staple on tattoos idea can be very feminine and hugely popular alternative to flowers and inflated to the stars. Before getting a tattoo is always necessary to study carefully what subject you want to represent, there are those who love writing and aphorisms for those who prefer symbols that recall the mysterious and distant cultures and who loves the actual drawings. In the latter case are highly popular among women who have the tattoo covered with flowers, are also highly prized designs that have to do with the world of fairies and elves and beloved are the stars, but if you want to try something let groped by the new flakes.

To offer new and fun ideas on tattoos today we show a series of tattoos that have one or more main characters in many different keys revisited flakes, from girly to dark rock. As always, however, think about it before, a tattoo is forever or almost!

Tattoo ideas frou frou

The staple is a design that can be very feminine and bon ton. If you want a tattoo with these features you can play with colors and a staple gilry full and well defined, or alternatively you can make a bracelet, an anklet, a ring or closed by a beautiful snowflake or created by this design that will turn around the limb. The staple can also be used to make it even more intense the meaning of a written or a name In this case will reinforce the idea of binding.

Glam-rock tattoo ideas

A tattoo with a bow as the subject can also have a lot of rock and unconventional style. The world of burlesque in this case is a great inspiration and corsets are the source from which to draw ideas, you can get tattooed on an arm, leg or back a pretty ribbon and sealed by a nice cross bow impressive. Alternatively you can always combine the staple subjects such as skulls and crosses the darkest gothic lolita.

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