Bump painting

The summer is over and glad to see light clothing and the skin to tan or show it off already tanned. Yes, but how does a pregnant woman though? No problem, you can go to the beach and tanning in pregnancy, as well as clothing to dress well without a lot ingoffano that’s all. If a woman wants and feels, may even highlight your beautiful belly.

Certainly it is not easy for a woman to see your body changing so much. Sometimes there is also some excess weight that makes you feel more cumbersome and less beautiful. But surely those who see from outside a mom happy, though round and “bulky”, can not but feel tenderness and pleasure. So better try not to make problems and live the period of pregnancy with naturalness and spontaneity, because that is how it should be.

Would you like to do something fun and play with your belly? Then you just need to follow the fashion of the moment: bump painting! English “Painting of the bulge”, this trend is paint your belly with colors and fun shapes. Some people prefer funny pictures and funny, but those who love to be drawing landscapes or animals or romantic decorations and even holiday parties with the theme of the moment, tribal or written.

If you like you can contact an expert that will make you real masterpieces. There are those who want a reminder of the pregnancy, so you do a photo shoot, maybe from a photo dealer, and a few shots can be done precisely with the painted belly. Instead, there be those who prefer to make a nice decoration, style tattoo and show it off at the beach. To get an idea of the result, which look spectacular images taken from the site below embody.

A more homely, but certainly the most intimate and very tender, it is ask her husband or children to have fun to mess with the colors of the belly. Just buy the non-toxic dyes and washable, made of natural pigments and have fun with the imagination and hands. In this way the family can come into direct contact with the creature growing inside the mother, and who will soon become a new member of the family.

It may seem silly to some, and perhaps even mom can be annoying, in that case forget it, but if the bump is experienced in painting is a great celebration of the joy of motherhood.

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