Vietnamese young people spend thousands of dollars for foreign tattoos

Tattoo story shows no class is too new for the young. There have been times, tattoos as a way to represent “blood side” and 3D movement arose to tattoos shows the range of “playboy”. Still swinging his hobby with the flesh, many young people now claim “class” and the “blood side” in the tattoo of his “outsider”.

These tattoos are all received and interest to take abroad. Unveil the artwork on his arm Nhat Minh (Hang – Hanoi) said: “Now looking back I find the genre that has tattoos from 2D to 3D from domestic to foreign. But also true is recognized by foreign tattoo that find themselves superior to. ”

Just a very gently stretch he has to reveal pretty cool tattoos. These are works that combine Minh travel in Thailand in recent vacation with his family.

Minh eager voice said: “For a long time player in the world tattooed, Thai land is known as a promised land, and indeed have set foot here to see results without Tiger name. There, much as they do not value the tattoo under her surface area as that by the number of hours. Sometimes to get an hour of Thai artisans customers to spend up to $ 100.”

According to Minh, the tendency to play tattoos tend to dilute when meeting someone on the street is open space where he can see the tattoo, the mark “tattoo foreign” is a way to show class and not a few people play Ha Thanh has spent up to a hundred dollars to own “luxury”.

Even there he decided to spend a warm progress to West tattoo just to experience the feeling of numbness and tattooed there than artisans garden coffee house?

By lowering bran

But to meet the needs of all service members have tattoos just to tens of thousands. Walking around the street or wandering every few sidewalks in some universities you can find stickers with colors and images before you decide to glue them onto the skin to become a tattoo branded stylish.

Showing record swim in piles of stickers Minh Hue (22) smile: “See how her friends have their tattoos seen much admired. But every month we see about a new one it replaced. Ask a new tattoo that is affixed to spend only sixty thousand years, so I decided to try it as well as its renewal. This is the second 3 change their tattoos. ”

Ask a paste his tattoo shop owner said today tattoos are sold on the market today are mainly imported from China, some imported from the United States with its higher cost, but the color and shape is not diversity and abundance in every vessel.

Also through the introduction of the boss: “How dare the image exist only in one month is about fuzzy but also so that more young people interested. Furthermore special prices are very soft and what not toxic. Visitors to this purchase mainly from students to young students have at all. ”

It is Specific enough in their hobby with tattoos from the upper to the lower gold dust, with the potential danger from the tattoos, but not very young to think about things from inside it. How many stories laugh cry from tattoos is that people begin another. Countless victims of tattoos met where the park. But all seems to be insufficient by with their personality, be stylish was an affirmation.

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