Federica Pellegrini erase the tattoo dedicated to Luca Marin

Federica Pellegrini and Luca Marin and you are left in the controversy, interviews retaliations and now she’s with another colleague, a champion and super muscular obviously, it is Filippo Magnini. This love triangle has held forth on Gossip magazines for Most of the summer, and among statements, interviews and answers, certainly not over Despi is Already Being Several weeks past. In another blow for Them CAME Luca Marin, Federica Pellegrini has decided to cancel the tattoo on foot, the One that says Balu, Which is dedicated to His first major love.

Federica Pellegrini is a young girl and we know this, we can not deny That Certainly this whole situation has not Been Particularly Sensitive Against the poor boy. Now we only lacked the history of tattooing to Luke HIM! Federica Pellegrini has many tattoos and now gives That Have Become Part of her. Here’s what her tattoo says about Lorenzo Nepitello “I made the first tattoo at age 14. And now I will take the written Balu, dedicated to Luca Marin.

I met her in 2002 When It Was not yet known. She arrived accompanied by her parents: That I have my first tattoo is recorded on her right ankle in dragon. “Federica adds:” Lorenzo is one of the families, won me over for Their Professionalism and skills and are No Longer Able to change it with anyone.

It’s my favorite tattoo? The Phoenix. “Filippo Magnini Became a client of Lawrence Nepitello, Federica and HIM have recently made yet another tattoo:” He came here after her victories at the recent World Championships in Shanghai has a skull tattooed on Federica His right arm stained. And he Became calimero to impact on the hip. “Well we hope is not a message of love and strength Otherwise you know what Erases tattoos, tattoos and clear!

Federica Pellegrini tattoos
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