Stroili Gold Skin Jewel-tattoos Launches For 2011

There were only these in fact: a Golden Tattoo is the Jewels of Gold Skin Stroili have found the last of the famous brand that deals in gold jewelry and precious stones. The tattoos are nice but they are not suitable for everyone and not everyone can do it in all parts of the body, the tattoo itself as a concept of something that is forever I’m sorry and I do not exclude the possibility of making a one day, but the speech is quite different for Temporary Tattoos and, moreover, jewelry, apply on the body for special occasions, are a good idea in theory but in practice the risk of doing further damage is multiplied dangerously.

he Skins offered by Stroili Gold Jewels are available in many different patterns, we have the classical floral decorations, Which ultimately seems the stars can no longer do without, but also fish and other suggesting including Japanese characters can not miss now that they really fed up.

These temporary tattoos are cute if you like the style and are available in 24 karat gold or silver, I advise you to be careful, you could really do damage because they are a jewel in itself quite important and should be worn carefully placed with and without simple jewelry, At most one pair of earrings.

The skins of Stroili Gold Jewels are disposable, apply on the skin and wear them just wet the back of the paper so that the transfer takes place. They last for about 4 days on the skin and remove with a cotton ball and make-up remover lotion.

If you are interested in the beautiful testimonial Ilary Blasi, October 15 will be present in the store on Via del Corso in Rome in 142 as a personal shopper.

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