The most beautiful tattoos with the written sentences and favorite celebrities!

I really love a lot of the celebrity’s tattoos: Today we want to show the written and phrases chosen by the most beloved and famous people to decorate their body. The tattoos are part of a lifestyle, loved by young boys in this way they want to express their ideas, but also by the older ones who see them as a way to communicate their thoughts and personality.

Always remember though that the tattoo should reflect your personality and can not be conceived only by a factor fashion. You can easily have taken inspiration from those of celebrities, but always try to maintain a personal touch that you represent.

Beautiful, Angelina Jolie chooses to decorate her body with plenty of tattoos but represent it to perfection. They are famous phrases and written significant that recall the most important moment of his life.

Original as always Lady Gaga that concentrates all his tattoos only on the left side of the body, because he had promised his father to leave at least half of her immaculate body and without drawings! Among the writing on his body we can not forget the text of the German poet Rilke and “Little Monsters”, a phrase devoted fans.

A lover of tattoos Rihanna also sports a very unique design on the hand, a musical note and a treble clef on the foot, the sign of Pisces behind an ear. It also has a prayer in Sanskrit, but his hip is certainly the most famous tattoo on his back starlets.

Sympathetic to the idea Lindsay Lohan who has tattooed inside of the finger, the word “Shhh …”, an invitation for anyone speak against her, while the stunning Megan Fox, as well as written sentences and also tattooed a portrait of Marilyn Monroe, recently removed!

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