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African Tattoos

The African Way of Tattoo Design. One of the world largest continents is Africa. It is not only the home to the African animals and tribes but also the home of tattoos. You will be amazed to find that the tattoos were one of the early ways to get saved from the evil spirits in Africa. The African tattoos which were only meant to be the part of sacred ceremonies are not part of different cultures around the world. The African people have tattoos designed on their bodies by painting, using mud and piercing the body.

Masked creature African Tattoos

If you visit Africa you will see almost everyone has a tattoo, some have tattoos for fun and some for sacred purposes. The most common African tattoos are the masked creatures. These masked creatures are said to save them from the evil spirits. The African designs that involve masked creatures are in round shapes, egg-shaped tattoos and also diamond shape tattoos.

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African Tattoos

The Animal tattoos

Another popular tattoo design in Africa is the animals. People have tattoos of different animals on their bodies. It is one way to show their love for the animals. There are loins, elephants, giraffes, butterflies, rabbits, etc. the tattoos are not just the pictures of animals, but also many people have the animals painted with tribal jewelry.

It is how they show their connection with the animals. For example, you might find a tattoo on the arm of a person with a giraffe’s face with large earrings and a half moon on the giraffe’s forehead. This type of tattoo in African depicts the ancient African culture.


The human face tattoos

There are also many African tattoos which involve humans. It is not just the human face, sometimes the design involves the human face combined with any other instrument or animal.