Angel Cupid Tattoos

Angel cupid tattoos are some of the most popular tattoos you are likely to find anywhere in the world. They seem to have a universal appeal, as they can be found in many different countries and societies, and amongst people of different ages and demographics. So why are angel cupid tattoos so ubiquitous, and what type of designs are most popular?

Angel Cupid Tattoos
What do angel cupid tattoos mean?

As is often the case with tattoos, the true meaning is in the eye of the wearer, and they can differ widely from person to person. Although there are some common reasons for getting this tattoo, other people might have a uniquely personal and individual reason for picking this type of design.

With that said, one of the most popular meanings associated with angel cupid tattoos is love. Cupid is a Greco-Roman god who is strongly associated with love, and he is popularly thought of, in modern western culture, as an archer who shoots arrows of love at people to make them fall hopelessly in love. Many people can relate to this swooning feeling of being absolutely besotted with someone, so much so that they think they have been shot with cupid’s arrow. This is a romantic symbol that many traditional or non-traditional lovers might want to get as a tattoo.

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Angels are strongly associated with other things as well. Guardian angels can be intensely personal to some people. These are invisible spirits that supposedly look over and try and protect us from harm. Many people feel that they have had strong encounters with these ephemeral protectors, and, even if they are not particularly religious, they may want to commemorate this connection. Hence, angel tattoos can be a popular symbol to remind the person that they are being cared for from above.

Angel Cupid TattoosCupid Angel Tattoos

Angel Cupid TattooCupid Angels Tattoo

Cupid Angel tattoo Designs

There are so many types of angel cupid tattoos available that it can be difficult to choose a unique and creative design. Nevertheless, there are a few different stylistic routes open to you. For example, you could choose to avoid the traditional, roman style of your cupid and instead make him into a more modern reincarnation. Alternatively, if you want to avoid all the religious connotations of an angel tattoo then you could go for either a dark or a comedic route. Remember, be creative and try and come up with an angel that few other people will have.

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