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Butterfly Foot Tattoos – Get Inked And Express Yourself

butterfly foot tattoos

Regardless of how trendy and sexy butterfly foot tattoos are, the foot is also quite a painful place to have this done. No-one is going to make a tattoo on the sole of the foot where the skin is tough, it will always be on the upper foot where the skin is thin and very close to the bone. This is why this particular part of the body is sensitive. Just catch the bridge of your foot on something like that careless supermarket shoppers’ trolley and you will know what I mean.

Some people find having a tattoo very painful, no matter where they have it. Much like my child who really wanted a tattoo just above her pubic bone, but made me go with her to hold her hand. Having someone with you can help, particularly if you are squeamish about pain.

Butterfly foot tattoos are small and a good tattoo artist should be able to knock one off in a couple of minutes. If you really want one, and you have made up your mind, but feel squeamish, take someone with you. Moral support is a marvelous thing to have, however you must also bear in mind that because of their proximity; a foot tattoo generally has to have touch ups.

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The nice thing about having a foot tattoo is that you can conceal it. In other words if you don’t want that corporate client to know you are a frivolous lawyer who decided to have themselves inked, you hide it in a shoe. Then when you go to the beach on the weekend with your surfer buddies you can expose it as much as you like.

Most tattoos can be hidden by clothing, if you have a responsible job and you don’t want people to know you have an arty, free-thinking side to yourself. Some stuck up people can be really offended by people who wear tattoos, even in this day-and-age.

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