Ankle Tattoos

Tattoos are a great way of enhancing your looks. The fact that you can now get a tattoo on any part of your body makes all the difference. Ankle tattoos are great and suitable for both men and women. There are many designs that one can get of their ankle tattoo that will make them stand out. Although certain designs are meant for women, tattoos o the ankle can also be designed in certain ways so they look good on men too. A tattoo gives a person the chance to make his or her own body a monument of experiences or a memoir of things they liked or still like.

There are many designs to choose from when it comes to tattoo design, especially Ankle Tattoos.


This is a radical tattoo design that mimics the street art style that is all around nowadays. Although it is mostly seen on sidewalks, vehicles and walls, it also looks as great on skin. Once you have chosen something you need drawn a good artist can make it graffiti style.


If you are not the sentimental and emotional person who draws love and flowers on their skin, there are amazing horror images you can draw on your ankle. This means you will have to choose an image that pleases you and one that can be compressed to make a smaller version for your ankle.

Ambigrams and lettering

The use of fonts and letters is a very popular ink chose for most people today. It is crucial that you find the perfect font and letters that will do well for your ankle and not make it weird. When choosing font, choose one that is readable because there are fonts that make the words or quote you tattoo unreadable.

White ink

White ink makes it seem like you have a scar or skin discoloration. It will turn beige, yellow or pink over time. It is great in edging that flower design you have in mind so go for it!

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