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Tribal Jesus Tattoo – Tips On acquiring Your New Tattoo

So, you’ve determined to appear your belief by acquiring a tribal Jesus tattoo! Regardless the bevy of opinions, one fact is a dazzling truth: You should ever do some research before acquiring a tattoo. The initial object that you should … Continue reading

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Wolf Tattoos Design

This is a wolf tattoos design and I think this Wolf tattoos design is different from naother similar tattoos I mean this wolf tattoos is a great body art developed by our respective ancestors and now it becomes the world’s … Continue reading

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Best Arm Tattoos shown clearly

I have seen in my life and it’s my personal experience that Best Arm Tattoos are widely used all over the globe means if we compare in which body parts peoples creates more tattoos compares to any other part then … Continue reading

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Arm Tattoos

There are many tattoo designs available but some design only made for man because this tattoo design most of the men prefer this tattoo designs, the arm tattoos. This design you can easily seen every one when you ware cloth … Continue reading

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Sexy Girl’s Japanese Tattoos

This tattoos is made on Mareen, she is work for Lucky1 Tattoo Studio. This beautiful Japanese tattoos is made by a great artist Tom Von Lucky. You will see in image how beautifully work done by Ton Von Lucky. This … Continue reading

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I thought I had Crazy Tattoos

I thought I had tattoos, what this pics shows here, see how many kind of tattoos designs on my body, yes it can be a gang tattoo also. Tattoos are rapid flattering the most excellent way to smarten ones body … Continue reading

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Booming tattoo culture: 10th Annual New York City Tattoo Convention

True, the number of tattoo artists is humongous but have you ever wonder who helps the tattoo makers to grow? Yes. The tattoo freaks, who are individuals like us with an inclination towards the art of tattooing. From a hobby, … Continue reading

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Latest Tattoo Design Additions to the library

 This is not to be puzzled with the origins of the word for the military drumming – see military tattoo. In this case, the English word tattoo is derived from the Dutch word Taptoe (OED). In Japanese the word … Continue reading

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