Clover Tattoos

Tattoo cover up Every year more and more people are choosing to clover tattoos an existing tattoo. Amazingly, 45 million Americans have tattoos on their body. But almost 17 percent of these people eventually want to cover up their tattoos.

There are many reasons for them to seek for tattoo cover up methods. They may not like their tattoos anymore; have distortion of aging skin; or not be able to have them for professional reasons. The good thing is that there are many ways to cover up a tattoo.

One method to cover up a tattoo is to create a new clover tattoos to replace the old one. A tattoo cover up may hide an old tattoo with a new artwork, or just incorporate new elements in the existing tattoo.

Another method to cover up a tattoo is to mask the tattoo with specific tattoo cover up make-up or cream. The down side of the tattoo cover up make-up is the time consuming (depends on the size of the tattoo, it can take over 30 minutes to apply it). It can also be very costly considering it over the long run.

Tattoo removal is the best option for those people who just don’t want to have a tattoo anymore and prefer to completely remove it. Laser is the most common method of tattoo removal. The laser breaks the ink into tiny fragments that are cleared away by your own immune system.

Although the technology of covering up tattoo has advanced, the removal tattoo cover up method is still painful and costly. Depends on the tattoo, several lasers sessions are required to completely remove it. A large colorful tattoo could cost thousands of dollars to remove.

For those who can’t afford a tattoo removal, don’t have the time to apply tattoo cover up make-up or just want to keep their tattoos but need to temporary cover it up sometimes, TatJacket offers the best solution.

TatJacket tattoo cover up sleeves is perfect for you that can’t expose your tattoo at work or just need to cover it up on special occasions. TatJacket cover up tattoo sleeves is lightweight, flexible and breathable.

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