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Designs and Body Art From Ancient to Modern

Tattoos have been experienced by humans in some form or an additional for thousands of years and have extend to all the corner of the ground from antique Egypt to New Zealand, North America to Australia, Ireland to the Pacific Islands, Mexico to Japan and nearly all country in between. There appears to be a renaissance of interest in stretching the boundaries of the body by means of tattoos and other forms of body modification.

Without a hesitation having able to be seen body art can alter an persons social communications as well as changing look or in some cases display ancestral and tribal relations. Body alteration not only enduringly alters the body but for a number of can be a reaction to the entrepreneurial/mass shaped material culture. They can be aesthetically and visually arresting such as the creativity of Japanese Irezumi Yet for many years tattoos were stigmatized and perceived by most people to be the exclusive realm of sailors, whores and criminal.

To many populace tattoos state a part of their identity that leftovers with them until they die or have them detached and are almost are a religious practice. They are like a labor in development and evolve as the being grows. They can tell a narrative of the past or present individuality and can also be a enduring prompt of experience and memories. Recent surveys propose that at least 10 percent of citizens in the United States have some form of body modification, which is testament, not only to its status but perhaps the need of a lot of citizens to begin identify with their body again after have been deprived of for so long.

What we are seeing is a tattoo renaissance, which has taken its motivation from places such as Borneo, Polynesia, Thailand and Japan and raised the put into practice in the West to better artistic heights. No longer are public content with on foot into a studio and choosing some normal ‘flash’ design off the wall with little regard to its placement of their bodies. They want their body art to mean incredible special to them as well as lasting the experiment of time.

Contemporary artists no longer see the human body as a blank sheet of paper to put dull lifeless designs in a chaotic way but are beginning to luxury it as a three-dimensional object in which each tattoo is placed in agreement with the body and existing tattoos. Alongside those serious aficionados are integrating separate rudiments into a visual whole with design that respect the whole body thus pushing the limits even further.

From tribal warrior to hot tattoo girls we expose some of newest tattoos from a number of of the additional colorful guys ‘n’ dolls we come crossways. Ensure out interview from well-recognized people and not so well identified people as they give us the inconsiderate on what they denote to them. We are constantly looking for experience and pictures from guests so send us your tattoo pictures.


Posted on 7th April 2007
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