Fairies Tattoos

One of the most popular tattoo designs for females are fairy tattoos and it is simple to see why. Fairies tattoos are very flexible and allow a women to express her inner thoughts creating a very special and intimate tat. They can be done in a vast array of styles easily incorporating such feelings as mischievousness, sexiness, and femininity just to name a few. They can also be sized and easily fit into a variety of places making for a very versatile and ideal tattoo.

The Meaning Behind Fairies Tattoos

Often when a person thinks about a fairy the first image that comes to one’s mind is Tinkerbell. Yet fairies have had a long history in western lore and religions that goes way beyond just Tinkerbell. They have been part of the western mind for centuries. In fact the belief in fairies and other impish like creatures that live in the forest date back centuries. The ancients believed that fairies were free-spirited creatures that would reward people who had done good deeds and punish those who hadn’t through mischievous acts against them.

The exact meaning of a tattoo and the symbolism behind it is really based on the person bearing the tattoo more then anything else. In today’s world there are very few symbols that have a universal meaning or symbolism. As the meaning and symbolism is dependent on personal views and beliefs. So ascribing one meaning to a fairy tattoo is overly simplistic and not accurate.

However, there are some common beliefs about fairies and the meaning that they might represent. Since each individual fairy tattoo can be done in a variety of different styles and can also hold a variety of different meanings.

Fairy tattoos often represent some feeling or attitude that the person wishes to portray about themselves. They can act as sort of an alter ego. The person bearing a cute fairy tattoo might want to express their feelings of joy for the world and warmheartedness. Yet, a fairy can just as easily be depicting as very sexy and even provocative again expressing something that the person bearing the tattoo wants other to know about them or something they desire for themselves to embody.

Frequently fairies are seen as symbols of good luck and general good will. The exception to this of course is the wide variety of dark fairies that often portray and sexier more lustful part of life.

Fairy Tattoo Placement

Fairies tattoos are extremely versatile and can be adapted to fit just about any place on the body. Most frequently they are done on areas such as the foot, lower back, hips, stomach, or ankle but they can really be done anywhere. They also work great as a part of a much larger tattoo for example a full back piece.

Another great thing about these tattoos is they can often be integrated into much larger pieces. Often other mystic creatures and animals can be added to them to enhance the tattoos look and feel. For example a beautiful forest scene with a fairy and a unicorn or other impish creatures can make a wonderful sleeve tattoo or full back piece.

Designing Your Fairies Tattoos

The versatility and wonderful symbolism that can be expressed in fairy tattoos makes them a very popular choice especially among women. They can express beauty, sadness and even pure femininity the choice is really up to you.

Before going to your local tattoo shop and picking out some stock flash tattoo that is on the wall spend some time thinking about your tattoo. Take the time to really explore what you want your fairy to express and find some examples of other tattoos that you like.

Then as you discover and learn more about what you want in the tattoo start to talk with a tattoo artist who can incorporate your ideas into a custom tattoo. You will be much happier with the end result and it will become a piece of art that holds a very significant meaning for you.

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