Footprints Tattoos

A footprint tattoo is a very popular one to take into consideration and can represent a number of things depending on the individual. One of the top occasions commemorated by a footprints tattoos is the entry into the world of a child. Can you imagine a greater life changing occasion then experiencing a new being entering your life? Seeing your infant’s ten tiny toes permanently on your body will be a fantastic reminder of your dedication to adore, secure and provide for this new little being. It is also a method to commemorating the connection between a parent and a child.

New babies are footprinted in the hospital soon after delivery. The parents are given a copy of the footprint for identification needs and for a memento of the happy event. Generally done in black ink, these mementos create a perfect blueprint for a baby footprint designed tattoo. An accomplished tattoo artist can use it to copy onto transfer paper and create the perfect striking footprint design.

If you are planning on growing your family you may very well end up with a winding trail of little feet that symbolize your family. In this case, you may want to pay closer attention regarding where you will want to place the tattoo so it leaves you room to grow. Share your thoughts with your tattoo artist so you don’t have any regrets.

Newborn footprints tattoos are often used to memorialize their brief but much loved lives. In situations like these, a person can nevertheless have the infant footprinted and still create a remembrance of the infants life. You could also include the newborn’s name, date of the birth and the time death.

The passing of anyone we love is beautifully represented by footprints tattoos. They can represent the footprints of all family members to honor the person who has passed away.

Changing between left and right footprint tattoos will create a path of footsteps that is also something that can be symbolic of your own life’s journey. Again, placement is something to consider because most of us have several life changes experiences we encounter that we will want to commemorate forever.

These kind of tattoos are a wonderful and unique way to celebrate the life and joys of anyone we love and respect. They are wonderful ways to commemorate special occasions along with expressing pride in accomplishments and those special, heartfelt moments that we experience.

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