Halloween Tattoos

Every year people search for healthy alternatives to the traditional trick-or-treat sugar snacks. Children nowadays eat more candy and soda than ever before. Schools are stocking vending machines with sugar-free options and parents are encouraging fruits and outdoor activities.

Even on Halloween, parents attempt to force children to pace themselves on their candy intake. But even when they’re successful, the negative impacts of sugar intake will be felt: sugar is bad for the teeth, bad for the brain, bad for the hips (only good for the lips)!

Halloween Tattoos for children

But what if you could give your trick-or-treaters a healthy alternative that they’ll actually enjoy? Apples are out of the picture and pencils are so last year.

Tip of the season: give your trick-or-treaters temporary tattoos!

Halloween tattoos are an excellent alternative to candy and chocolate. Instead of another sweet treat, give the children in your neighborhood an activity. Non-permanent tattoos are unique, 100% safe and provide a lot of fun.

Children get plenty of candy! From chocolate to suckers to gum; they could have enough to last the whole year. This is what makes fake tattoos so special. It is something different that children will appreciate.

Plus, children actually love temporary tattoos. Unlike pencils or notebooks, kids see temporary tattoos as cool and something worthwhile. It is something they are going to want to tell their friends about.

Parents will appreciate you handing out fake tattoos instead of candy, too. They will see it as unique and thoughtful.

So take a break from candy and give kids something healthy and fun: Halloween tattoos!

Halloween Tattoos for you

In addition picking out a tattoo design is very important and it’s not a decision you should take lightly. However, if you love Halloween, then getting some sort of Halloween tattoos may not be such a bad idea. But if this would be your first tattoo I recommend holding out. Chances are if you got a pumpkin, black cat, skeleton, witch or some other Halloween character tattooed on your body as your first tattoo you will more than likely be regretting it before it even heals. But on the other hand if you are covered in tattoos and have a lot of them and you are trying to feed your addiction of getting tattoos than by all means go for it.

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