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Heart Tattoos

The heart symbol we as a whole know, while looking not at all like the real organ, has gotten to be synonymous with passion and love over the world. More than five centuries prior the heart symbol we know supplanted its predecessor. Prior to the promotion of the heart symbol the heart was spoken to with an aorta standing out from between the curves. With the expulsion of the aorta, the current heart symbol was made. The symbol is connected with cupid, card suits, Valentines Day, and something lovely or romantic. In this article we will be taking a look at 5 heart tattoos to motivate your trip to the tattoo parlor.

Love Sick Heart Tattoos

A heart pierced with some arrows is normally characteristic of being love stricken or love wiped out. In any case, a heart pierced with a sword leaves somewhat more space for translation. I trust this current lady’s tattoo is a notice to others that she will vanquish her foes in the most horrifying way comprehensible, however that is only my understanding.

Proverb 31:25

Hearts with a line committed to content are prevalent in the tattoo world. The vital thought is the thing that the content will say, in this tattoo the content is insinuating Proverb 31:25 which says ” Pride and Quality are her apparel, and she snickers at an ideal opportunity to come.”

Geometric Heart

Basic dark diagrams make geometric shapes which make the heart, a one of a kind interpretation of a basic tattoo.

Oil Rig

An extremely creative twist on a heart tattoos. An oil derrick pumps the rest of the blood out of the wearer’s heart symbolizing the world exhausting him of his love and empathy.

Ear Hearts

Depending upon the length of the wearer’s hair the back of the ear can be an extremely prominent spot for your tattoo. For individuals with long hair the mass of follicles will commonly cover the ink however those of us with shorter hair will continually be noting questions about our miniature hearts.

Articles and Pictures of Heart Tattoos:


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