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Japanese Tattoos

Japanese dragon tattoos

Japanese Dragon Tattoo, since dragons are so common throughout architecture, literature and Japanese art. There is lots of dissimilarity yet historically celebrated tattoo designs to decide from, when reflect receiving a dragon tattoo. As far as site the most admired … Continue reading

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Lower back tattoos

Though the lower back tattoo has emerged in attractiveness over the previous few years, it is not a drawing that is fairly new. In reality, these types of tattoos are in use hundreds of years back. The beginning of such … Continue reading

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Dragon Tattoo in Japanese Culture

Dragons are a basic fabulous creature or animal kid he Japanese citizens. In the Japanese words dragons are referred to as tastu and Ryu. They of route are great yet slight serpent look creature. Frequently they live approximately big body … Continue reading

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Sexy Girl’s Japanese Tattoos

This tattoos is made on Mareen, she is work for Lucky1 Tattoo Studio. This beautiful Japanese tattoos is made by a great artist Tom Von Lucky. You will see in image how beautifully work done by Ton Von Lucky. This … Continue reading

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Booming tattoo culture: 10th Annual New York City Tattoo Convention

True, the number of tattoo artists is humongous but have you ever wonder who helps the tattoo makers to grow? Yes. The tattoo freaks, who are individuals like us with an inclination towards the art of tattooing. From a hobby, … Continue reading

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