Infinity Tattoo – 30 special tattoo design with a special meaning

If you want some special tattoo design that has a special meaning, then the infinity tattoo is the right thing for you. It is an ideal symbol for those who like small but striking tattoos. Most people choose a tattoo design that will stand out and identify them because it is something that stays on your skin for the rest of your life. The sign of infinity has a deep meaning because it is connected with a life that has no end. You can add various symbols to this tattoo that will fit perfectly into the design. Infinity symbol tattoo is considered a true art form in tattooing.

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Infinity tattoo meaning

The meaning of the symbol of infinity is eternity, duration, perseverance, and continuity. This type of symbol has the meaning of sending a positive message – that one should only go forward and not stop. This tattoo design is very popular because it mysteriously tells us that we cannot measure time or space. An infinity tattoo has the magical meaning that you have a desire for perfection. The symbol of infinity signifies boundless love and strong emotions.

Different styles

If you have opted for the infinity symbol, then you need to choose the style and sketch.

Infinity sign tattoo

you and me infinity tattoos

infinity flower tattoo

There are different types of infinity tattoo, and we have singled out the most popular ones:

  • A sign of infinity in the shape of a heart;
  • Infinity sign with a feather;
  • Infinity sign composed of letters and names;
  • Infinity sign with an anchor;
  • A sign of infinity with birds;
  • Infinity with butterflies, flowers or hearts;
  • A sign of infinity in the shape of a snake that has bitten its tail.
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Infinity tattoo on the wrist is a complete hit year after year. Designs, colors, and symbols change with the addition of the infinity sign, but this tattoo never goes out of fashion.

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  1. Andy

    I prefer small, original tattoo, that’s why infinity tattoo design appeals to me so much. It looks enigmatic and striking at the same time.