Mermaid Tattoos – What You Need To Know Before Getting One

Mermaid tattoos are perhaps the most famous maritime symbol. This specific tattoo design became very prominent among sailors during the 1900s. It’s not uncommon to have a mermaid tattoo paired with other nautical symbols such as a starfish, anchors, and ships. In this article, you will learn more about the mermaid tattoo design.

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Mermaid Tattoos Designs In History

When it comes to beautiful mermaid tattoos, you’ll find no shortages of reference in history. In fact, the mermaid is a famous mythological creature that spans a wide variety of cultures. Since mermaids inhabit the waters, it’s not surprising that mermaids are associated with open water and sailors. In many stories, mermaids are depicted as a beautiful and enchanting half-human female and half-fish.

The Greeks and Romans are perhaps two ancient civilizations that made plenty of references to mermaids. One good reason for this is because the two cultures ran a vast coastal empire.

For the Greeks, they believe the mermaids were created through the union of sea creatures and the gods.

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For the Romans, the god Venus is often associated with beautiful mermaids. They believe that humans can only see mermaids under the moonlight. Hence, they often believe mermaids appear during dusk, but disappear when dawn arrives.

Mermaid Tattoos Designs.Interesting Mermaid Tattoo Design.

Mermaid Scale Tattoo.Elegant Mermaid Tattoo.Male Mermaid Tattoo.

Mermaid Tattoos Designs – Common Options

When it comes to a mermaid tattoo, you have plenty of options. Perhaps the safest option would be a mermaid tattoo with pretty long flowing hair and makes use of jewel-tone colors. Traditionally, the mermaids are portrayed with a young look, long-hair, and slim physique. Of course, you can go against the grain by choosing a different color, age, shape, or size for your mermaid.

Another popular option is a mermaid tattoo with a seductive posture and a suggestive and enticing look. The said tattoo also goes well with tropical flowers, ships, anchors, and nautical stars.

You can have the mermaid sitting on the rocks or swimming in the waters. Another common depiction is a mermaid topless or seashells covering her private parts. Also, you can have the long flowing hair to cover the breasts.

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You also have the option of having the mermaid portrayed like a cartoon character like Ariel (The Little Mermaid) or realistically.

Simple Mermaid Tattoos.

Mermaid Tattoo Design.Tattoos of Mermaids.Classic Mermaid Tattoo.Mermaid Tattoos Picture.Zombie Mermaid Tattoo.

Mermaid Tattoo Interpretations

Most of the time, the mermaid is a symbol for a self-directed, independent, free, and strong female figure. Also, since mermaids are directly connected with the sea, the design works well for symbolizing creation, birth, rebirth, intuition, or nature itself.

Other Interpretations Of The Mermaid Tattoo:

  • Mystery
  • Self-Love
  • Independence
  • Freedom
  • Wildness
  • Persuasion
  • Sexuality
  • Seduction

Wrapping It All Up

The beauty of the mermaid tattoo is that it can portray a wild and seductive side of things, and yet still stays within the bounds of the norms. Hence, if you want something that is a bit of the wild side but not too far that it’s considered weird or eccentric, then a mermaid tattoo is an excellent option.

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