Mickey Mouse Tattoos – A Brief Look For Popular Tattoo Style

Why do people love Mickey Mouse Tattoos and what is the meaning behind this popular tattoo theme? A brief look for popular tattoo style.

Why is Mickey mouse tattoo so popular choice?

As long as there has been tattoos there has also been popular themes for tattoos. For example some characters are included more often in tattoos than others. One of the very popular characters is Disney’s Mickey Mouse.

Tribal mickey mouse tattoos and other best pictures.

So why is the character that popular when it comes to tattoos? There are couple of reasons for that. First of all, the simplest way to draw the Mickey Mouse is to draw 3 circles one representing head and two circles as a ears. It’s that simple and people can recognize the drawing as a Mickey Mouse face because the design Disney created back in 1928 was so simple.

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The second reason is that many people have grown watching cartoons and reading them as well. People have nice memories with Mickey Mouse, so it’s obvious choice to have Mickey Mouse tattoos also. People see their tattoos everyday and they wanna see something nice or meaningful that brings them emotions.

Different styles

The third reason why Mickey Mouse tattoos are so popular is that people always wanna mix something old and new. Even though getting a Mickey Mouse tattoo can be old idea but making a new variation out of it catches people attention for sure! The most popular variations are the Mickey Mouse with head and torso and just Mickey Mouse’s head only. Usually he is smiling and holding his hand behind his back. However there are hundreds of variations. Sometimes he can spread his hands like welcoming someone, or sometimes he can be dressed as a wizard. In some tattoos he is even doing something he would never do in kids show! Most of the time Mickey Mouse is in tattoos alone but sometimes there is Minnie Mouse with him.

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Mickey Mouse TattoosTattoos mickey mouse

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The meaning of Mickey Mouse tattoos

Some people say that Mickey Mouse is the symbol of being positive and optimistic. People see Mickey Mouse also as a innocent character who is always defending those who are weak and wants to do the right thing. Mickey Mouse tattoos can also represent the memory of childhood or the love towards cartoons. If Mickey Mouse is in tattoo with Minnie Mouse, it can symbolize the true love. Some couples wanna get that style of tattoos. Usually man takes the Mickey Mouse tattoo and woman selects Minnie Mouse, so they match nicely together.

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