Watch out for tattoos; have doubled in 5 years the cases of allergies

Disturbing increase in cases of Allergies by tattoos over the past five years. Now that we are summer, and the portion of the skin which exposes the gaze of others is certainly very generous, it is tempting to show off some nice decorative design that our skin maybe an arm, or shoulders, lower back or the sensual. On the beach is always a nice shot from the tribal face peeping bikini briefs, no doubt about it. But just because we are in hot weather, This is the wrong time to go get a tattoo, heat and sunlight are enemies of the healing Therefore, if we decide just can not do without a little drawing on our skin, we should at least wait till the autumn. Continue reading

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The phrases of the most beautiful tattoos of celebrities

Tattoos that passion! It seems that the favorite pastime of the rich and famous and be just what affect sentences, thoughts and drawings on the skin. And it so even ordinary people often take their cue from the celebrities chose for their tattoos. Today we will see the most beautiful to be copied or re-interpret according to their own style and preferences. Continue reading

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Temporary tattoos for your lips

Vaguely reminiscent of the style of Lady Gaga new temporary tattoos created specifically for your lips, as if by magic, appear striped, spotted or who knows how many weird ways! Yes, not enough normal tattoos real or temporary for the body, now, thanks to “Violent Lips, Which has created a series of tattoos from the press to say the least imaginative and eccentric, appear also tattoo for lips. Continue reading

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Tattoos, how to protect them from the sun

Tattoo for centuries have an attribute that enhances the exterior and characterize an individual. Common in many cultures, both ancient and contemporary, they have accompanied man’s existence in its age-old process. Changing its meaning depending on context, could describe the tattoos identity of an individual or to express to all the movement of a person into adulthood. Today, print drawings and writings on his body has become a way as any to express their personality and improve its aspect. Continue reading

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Beauty: By the summer the spray tattoos

When it comes to beauty us women stands on end immediately the ears, especially those who like to always appear neat and organized in every detail. I have spoken to the female universe, but we know that for some years now, men have become very sensitive to this issue: for example, simply the enormous amount of creams, gel, body products And so on and so forth, present in the market and go only to them. Today we treat this issue from a different point of view, we will not in fact of no lotion or scrub miraculous, but a accessory which was presented recently at the 2011 Cosmoprof Bologna, Dedicated to beauty salon and the Wellness which took place in March with a huge number of visitors and exhibitors. Continue reading

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Tattoo Designs for Men & Women

Anyone who walks into a tattoo parlor will be greeted with a kind of eye-catching and colorful tattoo designs, including whole thing from easy to pictures that are very intricate. With the exception of those that have already chosen their favourite image, it can be very complicated to choose from the numerous tattoo designs on the spot. Even whether you have already selected a design, the artist might be capable to present you with numerous dissimilar choices to build your tattoo designs even more personable. Continue reading

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Girly Tattoo Pictures of Hearts

There are numerous types of designs that can be chosen for the tattoo. Each design can be chosen with distinct specifications to the kind of design that is going to be chosen. When opting between the precise designs that are accessible, you can simply opt designs that are more girly, or designs that consist customary hearts through the pattern. Continue reading

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Jessica Alba Tattoos

Jessica tattoos have been increasingly well-liked. Here are some of the most well-liked girl back tattoo designs for you to consider: Tribal. Tribal tattoo designs have been very well-liked on the lower back. do not freak out, tribal tats can be very easy designs. They do not have to be big and intricate. Matter of fact you can take numerous standard tattoo designs and transmute them into tribal. Birds or crosses for instance can have tribal-like versions which can work very well. Research your tribal design well, and study the meaning that dissimilar designs might have. Continue reading

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The Most popular Sexy Tattoos designs

Both men and women are acquiring sexy tattoos these days to articulate themselves, and the number of people acquiring these tattoos carries on skyrocketing. There are so numerous sexy tattoo designs out there that it shouldn’t be tough to discover one that suits you. Although, whether you just can’t build up your mind, you shall discover some more approximately the 5 most well-liked sexy tattoo designs correct here. Continue reading

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Best Brian Littrell Tattoos Designs

Brian Littrell is an American singer-songwriter, called as a member of the music collection Backstreet Boys, and for albums such as Millennium and Black & Blue.

Brian Littrell has been spotted with a pair of tattoos, including a devout masterpiece on his left shoulder which holds a traverse with clouds and sunbeams, the proverb “Rock of Ages”, along with an angel head and wings. Continue reading

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