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Panther Head Tattoo Make a Bold Statement

Panther head tattoos are mostly found among those trying to make a statement. The amount of black ink required for black panther tattoos makes them good selections for those looking for a design to cover up an existing tattoo, principally older tattoos that already use a fair amount of black coloring in them or those covering bigger areas.

Basic panther heads can cover up unwanted round tattoos while a panther crawling upwards can seamlessly cover vertically positioned tattoos such as crosses etc Likewise, prowling panthers can truly transform unwanted horizontal tattoos or tattoo groupings into new and bolder works of art.

Very often panther head tattoos will feature waterfalls, waves or other types of water. Black panther tattoos featuring waterfalls accented with bamboo are simply portraits of the cat in its typical natural habitat: dense tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia. Their eyes are often in vibrant colors with a brightly tinted red tongue.

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Pictures of Panther Head Tattoo


panther head tattoo



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  1. stasya

    Panther is a pretty tattoo idea (if doing it perfectly well) as a symbol of the impetuous power. Especially I like the combination of black and red colours among these examples.

  2. Helen

    When it comes to feline tattoos, I prefer the ones which look more realistic, like a photo, so panther heads from photos N 2 and 6 are my favourite ones – they are so impressive! Especially N 6 – the panther there looks so alive, with its silky fur and amber eyes. Its author is a real artist!

  3. Mirage

    I don’t recommend panther head tattoo people who are not sure in himself. As for the cover up of the old tattoo with a lot of black ink, you can use the abstract patterns or use floral designs.