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Small Angel Wings Tattoos

You are thinking of getting yourself inked to make a fashion statement. You also want to zero in on a good design that will send across a beautiful message and also convey a powerful meaning. Small angel wing tattoos have always been on vogue. The intricate designing of the wings on back or wrist looks very elegant and can complement any dress style you want to spot. The beauty of small angel wings tattoos is it is suitable for all events and situations. Be it office, be it parties, or be it hanging out with friends, angel wings tattoos look dignified and beautiful in all the scenarios. This article will give you an insight into the different meanings behind such tattoos and the different styles of angel wings that you can choose to get inked with.
Small Angel Wing TattoosTattoos Small Angel WingsSmall Angel Wings Tattoos

Tattoos Small Angel WingsSmall Angel Wings Tattoos on Wrist

Meaning Behind Small Angel Wing Tattoos

Wings symbolize freedom of thoughts, actions, and soul. People also get inked with wings to show their liberation from any type of oppression. Small angel wings come in different designs to convey a deeper meaning. Angel is generally associated with a celestial being who is a messenger of God. People sometimes get inked with small angel wings to feel and express their close communion to God.

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Here is a list of different small angel wings designs and their consequent meanings:

  • Angel Wings With A Crossed Ribbon and Semicolon Symbol

These types of designs are generally popular for flaunting on wrist section as it conveys a very important message for the world to see. Crossed ribbon and semicolon symbols convey the need to be aware of suicide, mental health, and the importance of life. Semicolon means that the sentence has not ended. There is more to the story which needs to be completed with many more sentences.

Angel wings with crossed ribbon and semicolon symbolize freedom from the oppressed mind and soul. The wings convey a need to liberate your thoughts and spread awareness about suicide and mental health. It wants to send a message to the people that life is beautiful and should not be stopped at a semicolon midway.

  • Dark Angel Wings

People always associate angels with pure and holy celestial beings who are closest to God. There are certain people who associate themselves with fallen angels. Dark angels or fallen angels do not mean they are associated with evil. Dark angels are referred to those angels who chose to make their own decision to leave heaven and stay on Earth. The wings are inked beautifully in black color symbolizing the immense mental strength to make one’s own decision and live with it. The people inking themselves with dark angel wings want to convey that they are aware of their dark side but are still in close communion with God.

  • Small Angels Wings Tattoos On Back
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One of the favorite locations to get small angel wing tattoos is the nape of the neck. These wings also come with an angel who is in a prayer position. It symbolizes that a person is ready to soar high and achieve liberation from all the problems that are ailing him or her. The prayer is a way to symbolize the person’s closeness with the almighty.

Many times people get small angel wing tattoos to pay tribute to their loved ones who departed from Earth. It symbolizes that the departed soul has now become an angel and he or she will be forever remembered.

More Images and Ideas of Small Angel Wings Tattoos

Small Angel Wings With Halo TattoosSmall Angel Wing Tattoos on Neck

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