Small Dragon Tattoos – Why Are They So Popular

Etching something permanently on your skin is a decisive commitment. Beyond that, tattoo is a form of art, expression, and individuality. One of the most popular tattoo concepts ever are small dragon tattoos, which are equally symbolic and attractive.

Why Small Dragon Tattoos Are Popular

Both women and men around the world are fascinated by tattoos, especially those that are intricately designed, attractive, and symbolic. Everything under the sun can actually be made into a tattoo.

There are name or script tattoos, portait tattoos, vector tattoos, cartoon tattoos, flower tattoos, animal tattoos, and symbolic tattoos. And one of the most popular concepts of tattoos is the small dragon tattoo.

There are two main reasons why small dragon tattoos are popular.

First, it’s because they are attractive and full of impact. Aesthetically speaking, small dragon tattoos on women and men are worth a second or third look because of its unique form and design.

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Second, small dragon tattoos are very symbolic. The dragon is a powerful mythical creature that has a strong character, fire breath, and flying prowess.

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Small dragons tattoos
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Different Styles Of Small Dragon Tattoo

  1. All black design
    If you are a minimalist and strives for simplicity on all your tattoos, the all black design is the right choice for you.
  2. Monochromatic or single color style
    If you want your small dragon tattoo to be a bit more alive, you can have it in other color than black such as red, green, or blue.
  3. Multi-color design
    If you want it to be realistic, you can tell your tattoo artist to put on a multi-color design for your small dragon tattoo.
  4. Stand-alone or complementary style
    Your small dragon tattoo can be alone in a certain area of your body, but if you want to add more dynamism to it, you can have it tattooed with other elements or designs.
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Its Meanings And Symbolism

There are two opposite sides of the dragon as a symbol. In the Ancient West, dragons are portrayed as evil beasts which bring death, curse, and darkness. As a result, they are feared and viewed as antagonists.

However, in the Ancient East, dragons are depicted in a totally different way. They symbolize power, strength, wisdom, and adventure. Moreover, dragons are seen as symbol of procreation, sexuality, regeneration, fertility, and long life. Therefore, they are celebrated and revered as something that brings more luck and blessings.

Nowadays, small dragon tattoos are truly appreciated even though they have contrasting symbolisms and meanings.

Small red dragon tattoos

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