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Watch out for tattoos; have doubled in 5 years the cases of allergies

Disturbing increase in cases of Allergies by tattoos over the past five years. Now that we are summer, and the portion of the skin which exposes the gaze of others is certainly very generous, it is tempting to show off … Continue reading

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Tattoos Desings – Black and White Fairy Tattoos

With their psychic skills, paranormal powers and cutest look, fairies have above the years dominated the world of daydream and now that tattoo lovers can have black and white fairy tattoos. This has been made possible because they have widened … Continue reading

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Latest Tattoo Designs

Latest Tattoo Designs Angel Lower Back Womens Girls Tattoos Tattoo Designs Pictures Gallery Dragon tattoo design Isch Mooi Latest Female Butterfly Tattoo Red Flower Tattoo Design Tattoo Latest Design Tribal Tattoos

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Tattoo Gallery

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Tattooing Risks?

If you are thinking that there is no risk in tattooing than it’s your huge mistake tattoo have lots of risks if you are lucky than no problem but it is not truth every time mans luck has good it … Continue reading

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Do you know about Tattoo?

Now a days tattoos are available in two types one is permanent and second one is not permanent, the tattoo which is not permanent is situated by a paper, on dry skin press tattoo piece then take a wet cloth … Continue reading

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