30+ Beautiful Tattoos of Flowers

These days’ tattoos of flowers have gained quite popularity, being traditionally practiced mostly by women in the west, these days men love them too. Each culture has its own varying meaning of a flower tattoo, for instance the Japanese art is different from the Mexican art definition. The most popular tattoos of flowers include;

tattoos of flowers

Lotus tattoos

lotus flower tattoo

Cherry Blossom tattoos

tattoos of cherry blossom flowers

Chrysanthemum or Mum tattoos

tattoos of flowers 5

Rose tattoos

tattoos of flowers on side of stomach

Peony tattoos

wrist tattoos of hibiscus flowers

Orchid tattoos

tattoo of flower with biard

Lily tattoos

arm tattoos of flowers

Poppy flower tattoos

red flower tattoo

Dogwood flower tattoos

pictures of tropical flowers tattoos

Meaning Tattoos of Flowers

Lotus tattoos: In most cultures they represent knowledge, understanding, enlightenment and life.

Cherry Blossom tattoos: Common in Japanese culture it depicts falling petals being blown away by the wind, it represents mortality.

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Chrysanthemum or mum tattoos: This tattoo is associated with royalty in the Japanese culture, also perfection, deity and interpretations. People love them because it represents joy and happiness.

Rose tattoos: Most commonly used body art today, it shows undying love, hope and new beginnings.

Peony tattoos: Common in Japanese art style it means king of flowers’ it symbolizes richness and elegances.

Orchid tattoos: Mostly used in the Chinese culture it represents prosperity and fertility.

Lily tattoos: Its meaning might run deeper because it is the most commonly used flower tattoo, it means virtue and perfection.

Poppy flower tattoos: Mostly used in the Greek and Roman culture it means eternal sleep.

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Dogwood flower tattoos: Its meaning varies from culture to culture but it symbolizes rebirth.

These tattoos can be put on your arms, thighs, neck and many, everybody loves a certain flower and they know the reason why they would want a flower tattoo. Therefore do not restricts yourself when it comes to body art.






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