The Marvelous X-Men Tattoos

It’s very likely that you meet someone who’s a fan of X-Men, someone so big of a fan that s/he had decided to put X-Men tattoos on her/his skin. And that’s totally fine!Amazing collection of X-Men Tattoos.

We can’t blame someone for being a huge fan of the ultra popular supernatural action series. From the very beginning, the X-Men story and characters have captured the hearts of millions (including ours!).

The X-Men pop culture has been with us through the years and it’s still very visible in movies, TV shows, cartoons, toys, businesses, and merchandises. It’s not unusual then to find X-Men tattoo in one of your acquaintances or colleagues.

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Why X-Men Tattoos Are Simply Marvelous

Both women and men are enticed by the concept of X-Men tattoos. Do you want to know why?

It is because the X-Men characters are very relatable even though they are, after all, mutants. Logan, who is a claw-unleashing self-healing strong mutant, is a sensitive, conscientious, and loyal friend.

Jean, a telepathic and superpowered mutant, is intelligent, sexy, and torn between two lovers. Professor X, a mutant genius, is like a father-figure who takes care of his team and students like a family.

Hence, having X-Men tattoos is more of like showing how a person connects with the characters in her/his own way. It’s also a way to show appreciation of the great X-Men story that is about friendship and honor amidst wars and identity crises.

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X-MenX-Men tattoo

The Wolverine TattooX men arm tattoosX men slogan tattooX men tattoo on leg
Mystique TattooProfessor X tattooX-Men Cable Tattoo

Various Styles And Designs

When you see an X-Men tattoo, it’s usually an image of a famous character or a symbol of a character’s supernatural power. Sharp claws or claw marks would be a symbol for the character of Logan. The logo of X-Men is also popular amongst the tattoed.

When it comes to styles and designs, X-Men tattoos usually come in colored forms. Some are also rendered in 3D with shadowing and lining effects for a more realistic touch.

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