Two Word Tattoos Ambigram

two word tattoos ambigram

And what about Two Word Tattoos Ambigram? Tattoos are designed words or images that are specially designed and drawned on the body of a person for beauty or precisely to mean something. There are tattoos which defines a certain group where a person is a member of. For example military, social group or a certain age group.

A Two Word Ambigram Tattoo features words which have been flipped or overturned and which may have different meanings according to the designer or the person ordering the tattoo. It consists of a word or phrase engraved in specially designed format to hide the obvious meaning of the word. The word inversion is triggered to contrast the original meaning of the text or word therefore overly changing the real meaning.

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Ambigrams are designed in a very creative way that involves rotating a word or phrase in a certain degree to give a different meaning from its original meaning. Many people prefer to design the tattoo on the arms in order to bring the full effect of the Ambigram design when the forearm is flipped.

The two word Ambigram tattoo is used by many people to send a message in a hidden manner either to show love to their loved ones without having to write it plainly. It is also used by other people has a classic design which shows style and technique.

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