Why Aztec Face Tattoos Are Fascinating

Adding A Fascinating Dimension To Your Face! Having an aztec face tattoo will definitely add another special dimension or feature to your face – and this actually emphasizes your individuality as a person.

If the old you didn’t get enough much attention, the new you with that fascinating and symbolic face tattoo will surely grab curious eyes and listening ears from any type of crowd.
Why Aztec Face Tattoos Are Fascinating

Aztec Face Tattoos Are Beautifully Eccentric

The concept of aztec face tattoo is both beautiful and eccentric at the same time. If having a tattoo on any part of your body (like on biceps) is a decisive commitment, have one on your face is much more than that.

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It is said that the Aztec people (a.k.a. Aztecs) took the practice of tattooing to the next level. Back in the early days, the Aztecs were the most advanced in their tattoo artworks and designs. For them, it’s a vital part of their ritual and culture in worshipping the gods and in journeying through life.

Aztec face tattoos generally symbolize the wonderful culture of valuing faith, learning, adventure, and love for humanity and the gods. Some women and men put aztec tattoos on their faces as a way to pay homage to the Aztec culture.

Aztec Tattoo on FaceAztec Tattoos on Face

Aztec TattoosAztec Tattoos Around Ear

Different Styles Of Aztec Face Tattoo

Aztec face tattoos come in various shapes and styles. One of the most important symbols to the Aztecs is the sun, and this is often depicted in many modern aztec tattoos today.

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Animals were valued as spirit guides, which make them visible in aztec tattoos as well. Some also contain texts or scripts in the hieroglyphic form.

Aztec face tattoos commonly come in solid black patterns and designs but today, some are rendered in 3D and in multicolor forms. This type of tattoos are truly striking because of their aesthetics and symbolism.

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  1. Jack Abramson

    I really like tattoos. But I can’t decide to get a tattoo on my face. I agree that this tattoo looks very cool, especially on this site. There is a large selection of such cool tattoos. But I will refrain from tattoos on my face.

  2. Bob

    Honestly saying, I am not a big fan of face tattoos but there’s something special about Aztek face tattoos, they are really cool. By the way, would you like to have face tattoo?